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I am extremely proud to be the headteacher of Arnett Hills JMI School.

I joined the school in September 2021 knowing of its good reputation in the local area and the excellent work that has been going on here for many years. I have joined a team of dedicated staff who are all fully committed to ensuring every child here receives a quality education and a school experience second to none. Our curriculum is vitally important to us and we are constantly reflecting upon how to provide our children with the best learning experiences that we can.

​In September we launched a new curriculum across the school. This curriculum is more personal to children living in Rickmansworth, makes better use of cross curricular links and makes learning more purposeful to children. It is hung on quality literature, enriched by The Arts and underpinned by new school values: Integrity, Community, Empathy. It has new learning in Outdoor Adventures where children learn outside, as well as about the outside.

As well as new values, we have a new school vision. We hope that through this new website you are able to gain an insight into our school, find the information that you require to support your child’s education and work with us as key stakeholders in our community.

Mrs Butcher

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