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Our Governors

Meet our Governors.

Ms Rachel Clarke


Mrs Amanda Bunten


Mrs Marie Donegan

Co-opted Governor

Mr Ash Patil

LA Governor

Mr Christopher Hallett

Co-opted Governor

Mr James York

Parent Governor/Associate Governor

Mr Simon Pettit

Parent Governor / Chair of Curriculum Committee

Ms Lel Seymour

Staff Governor

Mrs Karen Butcher

Parent Governor

Mrs Jennifer Tollman

Parent Governor

Ms Emma Gray

Parent Governor / Chair of Resources Committee

Ben Reid

Associate Governor – (Deputy Headteacher)

Mrs Holly Butcher

Ex officio (Headteacher)

Mr Tony Mays

Associate Governor

FGB meeting attendance

Ashok Patil (AP)Co-opted GovernorYY
Holly Butcher HBHead TeacherYY
Karen O’Neill (KoN)Staff – Associate MemberYY
Marie Donegan (MD)Vice Chair – Co-optedNY
Christopher Hallett (CH)Co-opted GovernorYN
Lel Seymour (LS)Staff – electedYY
Simon Pettit (SP)Parent GovernorYN
Amanda Bunten (AB)Co-Chair of Governors – parent governorYY
Jenny Tollman (JT)Parent GovernorYY
Karen Butcher (KB)Parent GovernorYY
Emma Gray (EG)Parent GovernorYY
Tony Mays (TM)Parent GovernorYY
James York (JY)Associate MemberNN
Rachel Clarke (RC)Co-Chair of Governors – Co-opted GovernorYN

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