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Relationships and Behaviour

At Arnett Hills JMI School we are preparing our children to live and thrive in a society which offers a common vision and sense of belonging which embraces everyone who is part of that community; a society in which the diversity of people’s backgrounds and circumstances is appreciated and valued; a society in which similar life opportunities are available to all; and a society in which strong and positive relationships exist and continue to be developed in the workplace, in schools and in the wider community.

Staff here believe that all behaviour could be an unmet emotional need. We believe in the saying that ‘relationships are not built in a day but are built daily’. We believe in kindness. We believe in restorative practice and allowing children into our calm and not joining them in their chaos.

Implementing the principles of Restorative Practice helps us to focus on building better relationships with each other, taking the time to ensure that every member of our school community feels listened to, valued and respected. We support pupils in developing the skills to be truthful, maintain positive relationships and to resolve disagreements and problems themselves. It is our role to educate our pupils to understand how their behaviour affects and impacts on others. Pupils are respectfully supported to identify ways they can put right the harm they have caused. This approach ensures we are not teaching pupils that by harming others they will be punished and should therefore avoid being discovered. Instead, we are helping them to become empathic, considerate members of society who have the skills to avoid and resolve problems independently.

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