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School Council

The Arnett Hills School Council is an elected body of children who each represent a different class in a forum for children to take an active part in the running of the school. The elected members from Y6 chair the meetings.

The children meet regularly. They listen to the views of their peers and are the ‘voice’ of the children. Their ideas, concerns and feedback are shared with Mrs Butcher. Together they make decisions about key school issues.

Over the past year, the School Council have selected charities to support on a local, national and global stage. They have also participated in The Schools Youth Forum, which is a gathering of up to 16 local schools, and together they work on a shared local project. Every summer the groups gather at Watersmeet Theatre in Rickmansworth and celebrate the successes.

Arnett Hills are also part of the Three Rivers Student Council Forum. 

The Student Council Forum is a democratic community collaboration of like-minded schools and organisations working together to make a difference. We have worked closely with and rely heavily on the expertise and support of Three Rivers District Council. The Council supports the forum through offering the council meeting rooms to promote democratic community action; unite like minded community-spirited organisations and drives positive change for the whole community.

Each year, the student forum has focused on a core area for making a difference from mental health to road safety. A common theme has been the environment and sustainability with past projects including the planting of 100,000 crocus bulbs across the district.

The success of the council even lead to a complimentary Sustainability Forum being developed in partnership with Mr. Jon Gray, Headteacher, York House and Mrs. Helen Cox, Assistant Headteacher, Croxley Danes. This year, with Sustainability becoming a statutory focus for all schools in 2024-2025 both councils, The School Council and The Eco- Council, are focused on the issues of sustainability and look forward to everyone working together to make a difference.

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