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Red Kite class Year 5

Red Kite Class

Spring 2024

Red kite class had a very busy start to 2024. We have linked lots of our learning to our science curriculum to find out more about Earth and Space. Pupils presented research on different aspects of space and used globes and torches to see how the sun, Earth and moon travel in relation to one another. Pupils then used different art medias to recreate retro-futuristic images of space, including printing and created art compositions to Holst’s classical music symphony of The Planets in the style of Wassily Kandinsky.

In PSHE we thought about dreams and goals, linking this to our reading of ‘The Boy at the Back of the Class’ to empathise with refugees and understand the UN Convention of Children’s Rights as well as thinking about what it means to be successful and how that will be different for different people. Our RE has also been reflective, thinking about how different religions celebrate spring in different ways and have different traditions.

Everyone has been very busy in rehearsals for our re-imagined Shakespeare production of Romeo and Juliet. We look forward to performing before the end of term. Getting to see the rehearsal process for the current modern retelling of Romeo and Juliet at the Globe theatre and the workshop supported pupils to understand the need for exaggerating movements and the importance of facial expressions. The oracy skills and spoken language has had a positive impact on writing back in school too.

Within PE, we continued our success from the running competition in Autumn term to win the tag rugby tournament for local schools. We look forward to competing in the finals after the Easter break. Through our team sports we have seen pupils demonstrate all our learning behaviours in abundance. Taking part in additional PE sessions has clearly been beneficial to all pupils and this has had a positive impact on learning within the classroom too.

What we have been up to in Red Kite class.

Red kite class had a busy and productive start to the new year focused on ancient Greece, including a very informative history workshop. We learned about Herakles/Hercules and created graphic novels retelling his 12 labours before using our reading of the Orchard Collection of Greek Myths to create our own original myths, collated as the Red Kite Collection of Greek Myths and kept in our class reading area. A few ‘published’ examples can be found below.

We also kept with the theme of ancient Greece through art, DT and computing as we learned more about classic architecture and designed temples with sketching, modelling and 3D computer aided design. Some pupils took this learning further at home, sending pictures of their designs made from recycling or within Minecraft.

We have had a keen drive on physical education, developing football skills and building fitness to support pupils achieving their personal best for the y5 fun run and joining school teams. This also linked to our PSHE as we learned more about the rights and responsibilities of young people and keeping a healthy body and mind.

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