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Merlin class Year 2

We went on a trip to Phasels Wood. We learnt how to tie different knots, looked at how to identify trees, how to make track symbols and we learnt to use a fire striker to create a flame. Our favourite was roasting marshmallows on the fire and baking dough twists.

In design and technology, we made our own Ferris wheels. We designed and labelled the parts, considered a range of materials and mechanisms and then made a moving wheel.

In geography we have learnt to use an atlas and find different data out about earth.

In PE we have been working on our team building skills and in dance we became explorers and learnt how we can move like a champion dancer.

Our Great Fire of London day

Merlin class absolutely loved The History People coming into school. They travelled back in time to 1666. They made bread, role played putting the fire out, made their own dipped candles, wrote with quills, made scent bags and much more! It was a lovely day spent to round up our Great Fire of London learning.

Art – Linking with our London theme, the children used a range of objects to help create textured paper which was then used in a collage of a range of London landmarks.

Design and Technology – The children designed and created a moving toy using levers and pivots. They were able to evaluate their work and understand which worked better and why that was.

PE – In PE, Melin class have been working on moving in a range of ways using the equipment. Focusing on leading with a range of parts of their bodies and using music as a stimulus to move to.

Computing – Linking with our Great Fire of London unit, the children created their own animations using ‘Stop Motion’ to help us take pictures and create a moving picture. They added voice overs and sound effects to make the videos fun and exciting for the viewer.

Outdoor Learning

The children thoroughly enjoyed our fire building unit. Not only did they safely build and light a fire, but we cooked our chosen healthy snack on it too! The children used what they learnt to create an explanation piece titled ‘How to safely build a fire’.

Science – In our materials unit, Merlin class explored the uses of a range of materials around our school. They collected data and were able to plot the data they found in a simple bar graph. We experimented with different types of materials and how they move, comparing the properties and understanding why some materials can’t be squashed but some can.

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