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Kestrel class Year 1

Welcome to Kestrel class page, where you can learn about what we have been up to throughout the school term.

The highlight so far was our trip to Woodoaks farm. We walked there – keen to make use of this local facility that is working with schools to educate children about farming, where food comes from and how to look after our environment. We had an amazing day. We climbed to the summit of the woodchip pile digging for compost brandling worms, we hunted for bugs and we discovered seasonal seed heads and learned about how they travel around the farm.

In maths, children focussed on parts and wholes of numbers. They understood that the whole is created by adding the parts together. Using their number facts, they began calculating missing parts – strengthening the knowledge of their bonds within and up to 10. We love taking our maths learning outside with large resources.

English this term has focused on Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers, There is a Snake in My School by David Walliams, and Billie and the Beast by Nadia Shireen. Children have been learning to predict what may happen in the stories, to understand adjectives and verbs, and to use them in sentences when we write.
We have been studying our local area this term in Geography. We’ve been exploring our school grounds and making observational drawings based on what we see. The children then developed the idea of comparing towns, cities, and villages and took an interest in what Rickmansworth was like in the past.

In science we have been learning about materials and identifying what materials are and what objects are made out of. The children also went on a materials hunt to look and see if they would find materials that related to their properties.

In PE children have been looking at running and using their hands to develop different types of ball skills – dribbling, rolling and catching. We are really enjoying doing PE lessons every day!

In computing we have been looking at writing algorithms. The children wrote an algorithm for making a jam sandwich and then tested to see if it worked or not.

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