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Hawk class Year 3

Hawk class learning

Spring 2024

This term, we have been thoroughly enjoying our Ancient Egyptian theme. We have become Egyptologists and looked at the ways the Egyptians used to live. This has involved looking at artefacts and hieroglyphics, researching The River Nile, and creating Ancient Egyptian scrolls.

As well as lots of exciting lessons, we have been on a trip to Hertford Museum, where we learned how to mummify a pharaoh and how to have an Ancient Egyptian funeral.

Our exciting D&T project this half term was creating electrical posters- we decided to make informative posters about Ancient Egypt. We learned how to construct a simple electrical circuit and assembled our posters.

We have visited Jambia Watford Mosque. The Imam showed us the prayer rooms and we learned lots of new knowledge about Islam.

In Science, we have been learning about Light and Shadow. We discovered how shadows work and move, why mirrors are reflective and identified natural and man-made light sources.

We also had an exciting athletics competition at the beginning of January where some of Hawk class competed against other schools.

We had a visit from SSP who want to help us become healthy heroes! We learned about the four types of health- physical, mental, emotional, and social. We also discussed ways to be active for one hour a day, as well as playing some team games and raising our heartbeats.

Hawk class learning

This term we have been immersing ourselves into our theme ‘Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age’. As well as exciting lessons such as creating our own Stone Henge, cooking a delicious fruit stew, and writing our own stories and poems based on Stone Age texts, Hawk class have created their own Stone Age village on the playground. They used materials from around the field and playground to build a tipi and painted their own cave paintings. The children took the photos to showcase their learning.

Our science learning continues into this half term, Rocks, Fossils and Soils. We have learned about grouping rocks according to different properties and how erosion works, as well as searching the school grounds for types of soil. We have also learned about different enquiry types and which types of enquiries to use for each lesson.

In D&T, Hawk class were focussing on structures and nets. They created their own castles with Mrs Price, planning and designing nets, and used these alongside junk modelling to make their final products.

We had an exciting trip to Celtic Harmony camp on the first day back. The children had a fantastic time immersing themselves in all things prehistory. They got to practise flint-knapping, made their own flour and dough, created their own clay coil pots and listened to a spiritual fairy story inside a roundhouse.

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