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Eagle class Year 6

As part of Black History Month, our Co-Chair of Governors, Rachel Clarke, visited.

This was particularly pertinent to us as we have been investigating how those of colour are remembered in the history of World War II.

We have totally immersed ourselves in our learning about World War II. From the Battle of Britain to the holocaust, we have thoroughly enjoyed being historians, looking at evidence and considering what it was like to live in this time. We cannot wait for our trip to RAF Hendon, followed by a 1940’s tea dance celebration with our families to showcase some of our learning. Literacy has underpinned this theme for us – Carries War, Rose Blanche and Poetry from the era has all been used.

We absolutely loved reading the adventure story of Kensuke’s Kingdom. It inspired us to write our own story endings, continuing from when the dog jumped off the boat.

As scientists we learned all about how our organs function inside our bodies. It was really interesting and many of us continued our learning at home, finding out more and completing some research. We have also learned about the work of Darwin. We are excited to carry out investigations from this learning, testing which type of beak would be best for a bird living on The Galapagos Islands.

We enjoy taking maths learning outside, embedding our learning and reasoning skills. Particularly if the learning is more practical like our work on shape, space and measure.

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