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Buzzard class Year 4

Buzzard class learning

In our first half term we have been embracing our theme of The Romans and their impact on our local history and legacy of culture. We had an immersive experience during our trip to St. Albans Cathedral, where the children explored a range of different activities including mosaic making and retelling the story of St. Alban through drama. This memorable experience, due to its interactive elements, has enabled the children to retain the information that they heard.

In October the class took part in a Schools Sports Partnership competition at a local secondary school. Having learnt and practised the skills of golf during their PE lessons, they put these to the test during the Tri-Golf tournament. All of the children got thoroughly involved and demonstrated our school values of integrity and community. It was delightful to see all of the children being successful, with the added bonus of one of our teams winning their group tournament.

In D&T, Buzzard class have focused on pavilions linked to our theme of The Romans. They created their own open sided pavilion, following a plan and design. Children were introduced to a number of different new skills, most excitingly, using a hot glue gun. They used a range of techniques to produce cladding for their pavilion.

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